WWDC 2020

June 22, 2020 - Uncategorized

Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference for 2020 is streamed live from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in California, without an in-person audience. Stay tuned here for live updates on product releases!

After Tim Cook’s introduction, Craig Federighi, Sr Vice President of Software Engineering, introduces new updates for Apple’s core mobile OSes.

iOS 14

  • App Library
  • Hide app pages you dont need to see
  • Intelligent app categories
  • Widgets!
  • Drag and drop widgets out of the Today view, over to your other pages
  • Picture-in-Picture comes to iOS
Different widget sizes depending on how much info you want
Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS
More compact Siri – eliminating the full screen approach
New Translate app for conversational real-time translation, completely on-device for privacy
In-line message replies in Messages app overhaul


Introduction of Apple CarKey, first available in select 2021 BMW cars

  • Tap to unlock car
  • Share keys with others, with varying level of access
  • Will be backwards compatible with iPhones with UWB radio (iPhone 11)

App Store

There’s an app for that.

  • Introducing App Clips. Slimmed down version of apps, so you can access things without having the full blown app installed
  • You can later install the full app from the App Library, under recently used App Clips.
  • Can be triggered from NFC, QR codes
  • App Clips are required to be less than 10MB, to keep them fast
.. and that’s iOS 14!

iPadOS 14

  • redesigned app widgets with multiple sizes as with iOS
Compact incoming call banner, instead of full screen. This applies to all calling apps. Also applies to iOS

Apple Pencil is introducing Scribble

you can write in any text field, and it will automatically convert to text

For a complete list of new features coming to iPadOS 14, check out Apple’s official news release page


  • Automatic switching!! (finally). switch between devices based on what you’re doing on different devices!
  • Audio Sharing on Apple TV! – connect 2 sets of AirPods up to an AppleTV. Maybe more than 2 in the future?
  • Spatial Audio – directional audio in AirPods Pro. Detects your heads’ motion, do as you turn, the sound comes from the right place. Including the location of your iPad

WatchOS 7

  • Rich Complications with more data
  • Face Sharing
  • Additional workout types
  • Sleep tracking
  • Hand washing detection and timer
  • “Sign in with Apple” gives you the ability to convert an existing account
  • Location – can now give approximate location
  • Any recent use of camera or mic will show this use with an indicator

Home Privacy

HomeKit upgrades

  • Defined interoperability standards with Google, etc


  • next release name: Big Sur
  • reworked all app UI’s
  • Control Center comes to macOS
  • Notifications are intelligently grouped similar to iOS
  • Mac Catalyst – allows developers to easily deliver an iPad app to macOS as a native app
  • Safari – tracking notification which shows how an app tracks you
  • Safari – Extensions that can only be used with certain sites to limit access
Apple officially announces the move to in-house CPUs for Mac
  • Common CPU architecture across all Apple devices will allow software development to be more unified
  • Apple has developed all of their native apps for new CPUs
  • Using X-Code, developers can quickly update their apps for new
  • Can continue to support both x86 and ARM platforms with the same codebase, called Universal Apps
Demo machine using current iPad processor!
  • Microsoft has all Office apps ready now
  • Adobe Creative Cloud ready
  • For apps that still havent been updated, Rosetta 2 will let you run those x86 Intel apps on Apple CPUs. Worth noting, Rosetta was originally developed by Apple for their transition from PowerPC to Intel CPUs
  • Demo of Rosetta running Maya 3D to highlight performance
  • Games running on Rosetta is amazing
  • Virtualization with Parallels
  • Can run iPhone and iPad apps natively on Mac!
  • Launching a Developer Transition Kit, which is a Mac Mini with an A12Z CPU. Shipping this week!

New Macs shipping at the end of 2020, and transition period will be about 2 years, still releasing some Intel-based Macs over that period

New OSes releasing as Public Beta next month, GA in the Fall

Quick screen grab: Apple has a typo in their link to the Big Sur preview, with an extra “w” in the “www” link (reading “wwww” instead). Hopefully they’ve been more careful with the OS itself 🙂

For the official release details on macOS Big Sur, check out Apple’s news release